Taverna58 since 25 years


Since almost 25 years it has been one of the most appealing restaurants in Pescara, situated at the very heart of the old town. Taverna 58, wisely managed by Giovanni Marrone, has become one of the best restaurants (not only in Abruzzo) where the food
is very good.


The restaurant has a distinctive style: typical Abruzzo cuisine, good service, and a fascinating setting, including the Arts and Crafts Room and the Old Room fitted with
a pretty wine cellar, where archaelogical finds of Ostia Aterni are visible.


We are faithful to the pleasantness of our menu: Tastes from Abruzzo.
Recommended dishes: salt cod carpaccio, mix salad with fruit and Tornareccio mozzarella, chitarrina with mushrooms and L’Aquila truffles, spelt with nettle shoots, steak tartare, omelette with aromatic herbs, mushrooms, vegetables and cheese served on a hot griddle. Wines are properly served and the wine list fulfills customer expectations.
“Bonus alto, vaddasé e prezzi da Oscar”
(from the restaurant guide Ristoranti d’Italia – Gambero Rosso)