Failure has gone to my head.
Ennio Flaiano



Seen and heard in Taverna58

Childish memories.
The question was to be able to eat at least twice a day, and even when we ate twice, mum wondered: and what about tomorrow?
(g. m.)

Le pecore e i tratturi.
Sheep and grazing routes.
In Rome herds were allowed to pass through Via del Corso from midnight till dawn.Anonymous guest

The tip.
People must suffer a little to give some satisfaction when they are awarded a gratitude.
Prof. Leve

Nemmeno se venisse Bush ?
Full house? Are you sure there isn’t even a place for two people?
Sorry there is no room at all at all sir.
Ooh… what about if Mr Bush wanted a table?
Well… in that case we would work out some solution and find a space.
Ooh… I can assure you that Mr Bush is not coming tonight,
so can I use his table instead?
Mr Roy


An unforgettable blunder.
One day a gentleman stood in the middle of the crowded room waiting for welcome.
I asked him: have you booked?
He answered: Yes, I have. Name?
He replied: Angela. I: would you repeat, please? Angela, said he.
I realized I had all customers’ eyes on me.
I took long time before I could undestand that they all had recognized Piero Angela, the author of of the TV program Quark. All but me.
(G. M.)



Nobody can be denied a good cigar and
a knight cross.
Anonymous guest

Coming out of the perfumed bathroom.
An ecologist preceded me!
Because he is one of those who
don’t like to waste water.
Dott. Console

The expert friend.
He: This wine is good, who is the producer?
I: Gianni Masciarelli.
He: He’s one of my dearest friends. I know him for over 20 years. At that time he had already won 2 Glasses on Wine Guides. Surely at this time he’ll have 14 or even 15 Glasses…
An expert inspector of a well-known Coffee Industry.

20 years of marriage.
Had I killed someone, now I would be already out of jail!
Anna the Canadian

Poco appetito?
Lack of appetite?
Appetite comes with eating. Thirst leaves with drinking..
Dott. Di Tunno